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As a chiropractor, Dr. Cory Moore is working with the nervous system. 
By adjusting the skeletal structure it allows the right messages for healing and functioning to reach the areas in need.
Dr. Cory Moore does not accept insurance.  His affordable chiropractic care price structure is listed below.  Alternatively, patients can request a
"super bill" at the reception desk, and submit it to their insurance for reimbursement.  

A hydraulic "high low drop table" is used in office to alleviate the issues of getting on to a standard chiropractic table.  Patients will step on the platform and Dr. Cory will lower the table to adjust the spine, then will bring the patient back up. 

New Patient Exam
Consultation and Spinal Adjustment  $60
approximately 30-45m 
** Please print the New Patient Intake Form below and bring it to your first appointment.  If you are unable to print the document, please plan to arrive 15-20minutes prior to your appointment time, to fill it out in the lobby. 
high low chiro table.png
Established Patients
 Spinal Adjustments: $40
approximately 10-15m
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